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72% Marañón Canyon, Peru (note: new box, not pictured)

Note: now comes in a different, purple box


Tasting Notes: Chocolate-caramel, Cashew, Wildflower Honey, Toasted Walnut


Origin: Marañón Canyon, Peru


Cacao Percentage: 72%


Ingredients: Cacao*, Unrefined Louisiana Cane Sugar**, Cocoa Butter***


*All Cacao is sourced according to Direct Trade and/or Conscious Trade principles.

**Sourced Direct from Three Brothers Farm- Youngsville, LA

***Same origin, pressed in house

72% Marañón Canyon, Peru (note: new box, not pictured)

  • One of the most ballyhooed varietals in the craft chocolate canon, the recently rediscovered and revived Pure Nacional continues to cause quite the commotion. Once considered practically extinct, the gemini trickster presents two faces, surely equal in lovliness, if not proportion- a 60/40 heterozygous mix of purple and white seeds sing a song of floral and fruity high notes anchored in creamy baritone nuts touched by the tannins of their skins. Bought in wet mass at small farms throughout the canyon before being transported by burros and motorbikes to a central processing facility, these seeds receive a special hand-sorting and mixing before being fermented in local Laurel wood boxes. Post-fermentation, a proprietary process pre-drying assures a lower level of volatile compounds post-processing, ensuring the consistent character of Nacional perseveres across continents and palates; space and time; hearts and minds.

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