Each quilted box is filled with your custom assortment of signature bonbons, handcrafted from bean to bonbon.


Please choose your preferred flavors from the following (see Flavor Guide page for images (+ descriptions on Desktop site)): Strawberry-Basil-Brie / Loquat(Misbelief) / Mimosa / Mulberry & Sherry / Sourdough Surprise / Gutter Punk (cinn.&paprika) / Brandy Milk Punch / Earl Grey & Pink Peppercorn / Single Origin / Tiki Bar / Brown Butter Bourbon / Jazzerac

24 pc Bonbon Gift Box

Nut Allergy?????
  • Please Note: We only ship out Monday and Tuesday to avoid having packages sit in a warehouse over the weekend unless overnight shipping is selected before Thursday.

  • We recommend storing your bonbons at room temperature, up to 78 F, for up to three weeks. For optimal storage, we recommend storing between 55-65 F.

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